What should / shouldn’t my child wear in the car seat?

To be avoided
Coats, hats, waterproof materials, thick jumpers, Items that are bulky around the neck such as dungarees and hoods.


  • Children are more at risk of over- heating in their car seat than being too cold.
  • Thick / padded coats can

  • – prevent the straps being close enough to the child’s neck and body to get an accurate fit.
  • – prevent the straps from being done up tight enough so when they compress under the forces involved in a car accident the harness is too loose and the child can slip through the harness.

  • Waterproof layers are often quite slippery material and under the forces applied during a car accident the child is at risk of slipping through the harness.
  • Items that are bulky around the neck such as dungarees and hoods can prevent you from getting the straps close enough to the neck and safely positioned.
  • Hats can cause children (particularly babies who are not able to control their temperature) to over-heat, hats are also dangerous because they become a suffocation hazard if pulled from the head without an adult present to remove them. Head bands pose the same threat as well as becoming a strangulation risk.

Good to wear
Thin layers, indoor clothes, a light blanket over the legs if it is a particularly cold day.
Sleep suits are fine but do be careful of tiny toes getting squashed, it is recommended to size up to ensure feet have enough space.

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