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    Meet i-Traver™, the first class travel companion that makes every outing a special occasion.
    Extra i-Size safer than ever, held up to the highest safety standards down to its littlest details.
    Clever colour coded guides clear the path to an intuitive buckle up with a 3-point seat belt, so you’re safely on the road in a snap.
    Our Tri-Protect™ headrest includes energy absorbing memory foam so state of the art, it’s patented.
    Guard Surround Safety™ side impact protection panels absorb impact before it reaches your precious passenger.
    10 position headrest quickly matches passengers of different sizes with the one perfect fit.
    Key features:
    • Extra i-Size safer than ever – Thanks to the latest i-Size safety upgrades like exclusive side-impact certification and ISOFIX only install, both your kiddo and your mind can rest secure.
    • Easy install – An effortless install just clicks with ISOFIX connectors that fasten instantly and leave no room for error, and clever colour coded guides that clear the path to an intuitive buckle up with a 3-point seat belt.
    • Side impact safe – Ensure every adventure stays on the safe side with exclusive Tri-Protect™ headrest featuring Intelli-Fit™ memory foam that’s engineered for optimal head and neck security.
    • Proactive protection – Sit safe from side to side, with Guard Surround Safety™ side impact protection panels designed to absorb energy during a crash.
    • Quick fit headrest – Whether your child has grown overnight or you’re transporting travellers of different sizes, the 10-position headrest adjusts with just one hand to quickly match passengers of varying heights with the one perfect fit.
    All features:
    • Meets the i-Size ECE R129/03 standard
    • Suitable forward facing from 100-150 cm, utilizing 3-point vehicle belt with or without ISOFIX
    • Adjustable ISOFIX connectors lock seat to vehicle anchor points
    • Guard Surround Safety™ panels add extra layers of side impact protection
    • Tri-Protect™ headrest offers security with three layers of protection inside the wings, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam
    • One-hand, 10-position height adjustable headrest accommodates growing kids
    • 3-position AutoAdjust™ seat depth for growing legs
    • 2-position adjustable back rest keeps kiddos comfortable
    • Lightweight and easily transferrable from vehicle to vehicle
    • From 100-135 cm, three i-Size boosters can install side by side in the second row of any i-Size vehicle
    • Well-marked belt guides clear the path for simple and intuitive installation
    • Removable, machine washable covers
    • Padded arm rests
    • Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics
    • Model: C1903
    • Product usage: i-Size booster 100-150 cm
    • Product size: l 40-44 x w 56 x h 63-83 cm
    • Product weight: 5.6 kg
    • Testing certification: ECE R129/03