Avionaut Cosmo 2.0 Smart

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Features of the child seat Avionaut Cosmo 2.0 Smart:

• compatible with Isofix IQ/IQ 2.0 C and Dock 2 bases

• lightweight structure (only 3.2 kg)

• insert ensuring an ergonomic body position

• meets the latest safety standards

• the cheapest model in the Avionaut range

Comfort, safety, ergonomics

Our primary design goals for the Cosmo 2.0 Smart seat were comfort, ergonomics and safety. As a result, we have developed the ideal solution that meets the needs of both the parent and the child. The use of soft materials that are pleasant to the touch and an improved canopy that provides effective protection against the sun ensure a healthy and comfortable journey. Additionally, we have introduced a new upholstery that gives the seat a unique character and highlights its aesthetic features while meeting the expectations of customers who appreciate the economic benefits.


Smart decision 2.0

The Cosmo 2.0 Smart is a new, more affordable edition of the Cosmo 2.0. Equally light as its predecessor (only 3.2 kg), it guarantees comfort in everyday use. It is dedicated to the smallest passengers, from the first day of life. A state-of-the-art insert ensures that the child is properly positioned whereas a new soft material enhances the comfort of travel. A separate canopy protects the toddler from strong sunlight as well as other external factors. The seat can be mounted using either the seat belts or our ISOFIX bases, providing a quick and safe way to install the seat in the car.


Installation direction: RWF

Assembly method: For belts or Isofix IQ/ IQ 2.0 C/Dock2

Removable upholstery: Yes

Newborn insert: Yes

Harness height adjustment: Yes

Warranty: 2 years

Post-accident replacement: 2 years

Standard: ECE-R129

Seat weight: 3,2 kg

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Black, Grey


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