Common problems and how to fix them

Buckle crunch

Forward anchorage

My child can escape

Buckle crunch


Buckle crunch is when the seat belt buckle is pressed against the car seat and curving over it, holding the seat in place.

If the buckle is holding the seat in its place rather than the actual seat belt you do not have a secure fit and there is risk of damage to both the seat and the buckle. This is not safe and seats should not be used where buckle crunch is an issue.

Some car seats are more prone to this problem than others and unfortunately if this is an issue it means the seat is not compatible with your car.
If you need help understanding if you have buckle crunch please reach out.

Forward anchorage


Forward anchorage is a problem that occurs when the seat belt buckle has a longer stalk which allows it to move around and can mean the buckle is pulled forward when the car seat is installed.

The problem here is that it does not allow for a solid install of a car seat.

Unfortunately this can be a serious issue and if forward anchorage is causing installation problems it generally means the seat is not compatible with your car.

If you need help understanding if you have forward anchorage then please reach out.

My child can escape


The most common cause for children being able to get their arms out of the harness is that they are not fitted correctly.

If the installation or fit is not right, it does not matter how tight you pull the straps, it just won’t keep them in.

Especially if all they want to do is escape!

So the best thing to do is take a look at the general fitting support section for some basic tips on how to make sure the fit is good.

If you are still facing problems here then please get a professional fit check.
Adjusting the harness height and ensuring the straps are nice and close to the neck are the most common fixes.

Chest clips should be a last resort if the problem cannot be fixed with tweaks to the fit.