Terms and Conditions

Baby funds may be set up by anyone, for anyone. Only the person that set up the baby fund (and any nominated individual at set up) can access the money built up in the fund.

Nominated individuals must be detailed at set up to allow them access to the fund.

Set up may take 48 hours.

Contributions can take up to 48 hours to appear on the dashboard.

Contribution amounts, names and messages will be displayed in the baby fund dashboard.

Dashboards are password protected, only the person who set up the fund will be given the password (and any nominated individual detailed at set up).

Contributions are non-refundable.

Fund amounts can be spent across the full Bijou Baby shop.

Funds can remain open for 6 months, after 6 months the fund will be automatically closed for contributions.

Once the fund is closed for contributions you will receive a coupon code for the full amount which you will have 6 months to spend.

You do not have to spend the full amount in one go, each time you spend money from your fund the coupon amount will reduce.

Any purchases will be listed on the dashboard.

Any items purchased using a baby fund are non-refundable but may be exchanged for store credit if returned in line with the Bijou Baby returns, refunds, warranty and cancellation policy.

A link for contributions will be provided once set up is complete. The baby find owner and contributors are responsible for ensuring contributions are made to the correct fun, using the fund ID.

Contributions can be made by following the link provided or searching the fund ID in the website search bar.

The dashboard will be available for 3 months after the fund is fully spent. At this point the dashboard will be removed and you will no longer have access to the list of contributors and amounts, or purchases.

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